Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and I’ve answered!

Are all the recipes your own?

The vast majority of the recipes on this site are my own.

How would I know if you aren’t using your own recipe?

There are so many great recipes out there, and occasionally I may share one that I think is so amazing that everyone should know about it. It will be abundantly clear when this happens because I will share the source and why I chose to replicate it here.

Can I use your images and recipes on my blog?

I am not at this time allowing republication of my recipes. For image use, please contact me at questions@itsallaboutthenextmeal.com

What is your cooking background?

I have been cooking at home since I was a little girl. While I raised my family, I worked in restaurant kitchens, owned a catering company and owned a restaurant and coffee shop.

How to subscribe to my emails?

You can subscribe by going to the bottom of any page on this site and adding your email address.

How to ask a question about a recipe?

Fill out the contact form on the Contact Me page.

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